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NightMyWorld met the EC Twins In their luxury Suite at the Fontainebleau in Miami during the WMC 2013.

They talk about their strategy of success,their new tracks, their new labels.....


Posted On: 31/March/2013       

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Its been a pretty wild ride for you two, in under a year and a half you have remixed the top names in electronic and pop music, played the biggest festivals main stages, and travelled the world.  How do you feel about getting to spend some time in the studio and finally push out your debut originals?


It’s feels great! The playing live part and production actually goes well in hand with each other. It’s a lot of fun being on the road but one gets .....

Posted On: 12/November/2012       

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Withstanding the test of time, it’s the sounds of German producer York that will once again reign supreme. More than 20 years after he found a passion to live for, Torsten Stenzel?still has the same, relentless stamina for music.? The mastermind behind classics such as ‘The Awakening’, ‘On The Beach’ and ‘Addicted’ proudly presents ‘Islanders’. The brand new York album that’ll show you that this pioneer still knows how to walk today’s musical landscape.

Posted On: 26/October/2012       

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                             Satoshi Tomiie





NightMyWorld interview Satoshi Tomiie In DC during His Tour.

Satoshi played at Lost Society in Washington during the  weekly Thursday event : LOST


                                                   LSlogo1.jpg nomadlogo1.jpg




Another source of house music renovation, Satoshi and Hector Romero’s record label SAW.Recordings has continued to refine the Chicago and New York City house blueprint over the last 10 years. A fine supporter of new producers, SAW most recently has championed a new generation of

Posted On: 17/October/2012        2 Comment(s)

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Akcent Concert in New York City





Akcent is on tour for the first time in the USA.

We had the chance to encounter them at their hotel in New York City for a video interview prior the concert.

Please view the video and listen their latest song " My Passion"


Posted On: 3/October/2012        1 Comment(s)

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Name: Umek Uroš

Hometown: Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe

Current Location: Ljubljana

Years Djing/ Producing: 20

Artist Influences: currently none, previously Westbam, Surgeon, Carl Cox, Jeff Mills

Current favorite track:  Filterheadz’ – “Earth” out soon on my 1605 label

Favorite track of all time: LFO - “LFO” (but this changes all the time)

Most Used DJ Effect: I’m a big fan of reverbs and delays

Most Used Production Tool: Logic


Interviewed by Justin Murray.


Posted On: 27/August/2012       

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Hometown: Reggio Emilia


Current Location: Reggio Emilia


Years Djing/ Producing: 20 years 


Artist Influences: Very many people from Ennio Morricone and Carl Cox to Pink is Punk who are coming with me on huge tour in October – there’s loads of new talent coming through.


Current favorite track: It changes every time I put my Ipod on!


Most Used Dj Effect: Smiling while I spin


Posted On: 23/August/2012       

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We caught up with Swedish twin duo the Manic Brothers, who have been carving their niche as Djs and producers for the past few years and were recently signed to Drumcode, Adam Beyer’s iconic techno label. When we chatted with them about upcoming releases, they couldn’t reveal much of this ‘classified’ information, but with their announcement last week of signing onto Beyer’s team, it’s safe to say we will be seeing some top quality techno coming from these two in the near future. They’ve been producing and developing their sound for the past few months with Sweden’s techno giants and the rest of Europe. Here’s what they had to say:Manicbro.jpg


Posted On: 25/June/2012       

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We had the chance to catch us with Markus in Las Vegas where he played Electric Daisy Carnival and Tao Pool Party. Check Out His New Track 'Caught' out now on Itunes!



Posted On: 22/June/2012        1 Comment(s)

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AlbumCoverAlyandfilarisingsuncd2010.jpg interview Aly & Fila.

They are telling about their music, future albums, their inspiration....

Listen their 2 albums "Future Sound of Egypt" Volume 1 and 2


“Shivers”, “hairs on the back of your neck”, “hands in the air”, “reaching for the lasers”, “losing your mind” and “rushing to the music” are just some of the effects described by their fans when listening to Egyptian World Top 20 duo Aly & Fila in full flow on the dance floor.

Posted On: 16/June/2012       

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We had the chance to talk to the Nervo Twins before their gig in Washington D.C. at Glow. The Australia duo has taken the EDM world by storm, working with some of the hottest acts in the world. Take a look at what they had to say about chugging beer, their upcoming Ibiza residency, and who's bossy. Make sure to check out their vocal driven singles.

Posted On: 8/June/2012       

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Winter Music Conference, in its 27th consecutive year, is one of the most publicized annual music gatherings in the world. A pivotal platform for the advancement of the industry, WMC attracts thousands of artists and music industry delegates from 70 countries and over 100,000 event attendees each year for a concentrated schedule of more than 400 events, parties, seminars and workshops.



Posted On: 5/June/2012       

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For the very first time a very exclusive interview with Scott Kemix aka Orifice himself for Enjoy.

Posted On: 9/May/2012        1 Comment(s)

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Ste Roberts

Hypercolour boss launches new Initials label: exclusive mix and interview

Ste Roberts might not yet be as well known as producer as Alex Jones, one of his partners behind new label Initials, but that's soon about to change. And as one of the driving forces behind Hypercolour, alongside Alex and Jamie Russell, and it's off-shoots Glass Table and Losing Suki your ears will certainly have picked on some of the artists his keen A&Ring skills have helped sign and shape.




Posted On: 4/May/2012       

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