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Sky Pub Club

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  • Business Type:
  • Bar
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  • Lounges,Gay Bars
  • Location:
  • 1474 Ste Catherine E,Montreal,QC,Canada
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  • 514.529.6969
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1474 Ste Catherine E,Montreal,QC,Canada

Summary :

Complexe sky was founded by M. Francois Tousignant, at the time, creating a unic ambiance for a gay clientele of all ages. Never had a complexe that big been put on it’s feet for the community. Already sophisticated and trendy, sky was passed down to his nephew, M. Sylvain Tousignant, who continued the expansion of the club by putting time and energy to satisfy the loyal customers of his establishment. The complexe was continuously engaging in a series of cultural, social and artistic events.

Sky was and is also involved in health partnerships with the community through such groups as Divers cite, Sero zero and Equipe Gay Montreal Écoute. In the year 2000, the complexe was sold to Mr Peter Sergakis. After the transaction, the complexe went under major renovations to reorganizing the different floors and the structure but mostly for the building of a brand new terrace on the roof top of the already impressing building.

A pool, spa, mini restaurant and bars where installed in the goal of offering a different and inviting area for the gays and lesbians who wished to tan and refresh themselves in a sociable context. You also recognize the two restaurants that were installed on the ground floor known for their good taste and ambiance.Already known for its music and sound system of a unique quality, the expansion of the club is an ambitious project.

Complexe sky wishes to complete their agenda therefore offering the community and their friends a space where they can enjoy their favorite shows and Dj’s. Complexe Sky is in a class of its own and is known internationally. It’s virtually unthinkable to come to Montreal without visiting Complexe Sky.


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