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  • Business Type:
  • Club
  • Type:
  • Nightclubs,Lounges
  • Location:
  • 1008 Vermont Ave. NW,Washington DC,dc,United States
  • Email address:
  • Contact No:
  • 202-347-8601
  • Hours of Operations :
  • Monday through Thursday 10pm till 2am Friday-Saturday 10 pm till 3 am
  • Website:
1008 Vermont Ave. NW,Washington DC,dc,United States

Summary :

Fiesta : Mondays
Majesty : Wednesdays
Glow : Thursdays
Bliss : Fridays
Koodeta : Saturdays


Description :

Josephine Lounge embodies the refined grace and stunning aura of Her Imperial Majesty. Illuminated by the color of kings, the space is a reflection of the Empress’ gardens.

Dotted with tables as if they were her coveted floral displays;
the lounge stimulates every sense and brings to life, dormant urges.

A regal experience for the people;
Josephine Lounge offers the lush opulence of VIP club life,
encompassed by a midsummer night’s indulgence.

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Brandon Buchanan

Reviews (2)

Very nice place! Beautiful decor/scenery and well-staged. My friends and I tend to have dinner in DC every other week and then afterwards, we just do a "coin toss" on going home or to hang out a bit more. Eventually, one night we decided to head out to Josephine’s after dinner, and it was an "alright/OK" experience from my standpoint. Please keep in mind, I am known as being very much "opinionated" within my click of friends. But on the other hand, I’m very much easy going and laid back( once a person gets to know me). And, when being asked for an honest opinion, I will give out the "bare" truth. :-)

I truly don't know what kind of a night we all were having. Or perhaps I had one tooo many shots before arriving there approximately 11:15pm on a Friday night. What flashed before my eyes looked somewhat of a “half empty playground"

When we walked in, a few friends headed towards the restroom...And a few of us started to walk around to get a good feel of the place. Like I said earlier, VERY NICE decor, well coordinated, and the color scheme was brilliant to the point the servers were blending in well. The place was not that all crowded...surprisingly, as what I would always hear others from time to time, that Josephine’s is such a HOT SPOT, and it was not "realized" that very night. The music was mostly "House". R&B/Hip Hop kicked in at midnight, and then that’s when it truly started to get pack. There was an assortment of nationalities present. In one corner - there were the "Asians", next to them were the "Hispanics" and in the other corner were the "Arabs", of course South Asians were present, but not in an obvious cluster as others were.

There were a few private parties being held there, and from it appeared to me: were mostly college graduate students celebrating their friend’s bday in a most elaborate fashionable way. :-) But some of them were reallllly getting out of control. Which spoke volumes to others on how they spend their time in private matters...(Seriously people, have some respect for the people in your surrounding.....we don’t need to be seeing that, especially when you and your two friends are totallllly wasted, and one of them ends up vomiting on the floor next to me, which gets on my clothes) Not cool....soooo..."not" cool. :-I

Luckily, I had my friends that came to my rescue and theirs, and we made sure to get their one friend to the restroom ASAP. What a night!!
Anyways, other than that incident, Josephine’s is an wonderful place to visit if you are looking for a classy decor, and don't mind the additional entertainment that comes along with it at times. The drinks are reasonable priced, and sometimes you don’t have to pay a cover charge when getting in….I guess it all depends on who you are with and how you are dressed….sad but sooo “true”.. That being said, JUST DRESS IN A WAY that IMPRESSES OTHERS… ? .

Posted by: sara | Posted Date: 07/10/2011

Like the name, the posh decor is a beautiful 19 th century French decor.One of the hottest club in Dc.
It is nothing like a bar the way how it is listed ,it is a club/lounge for hip people.

Posted by: Sandrine | Posted Date: 22/09/2011